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Irrigation, Drainage & Tree Removal


Southern Landscape Designs has been providing irrigation systems for our clients throughout the greater Atlanta, GA region for many years with great success. We have installed irrigation systems for the maintenance of landscapes, gold courses, farms, lawns, sporting fields and recreational parks. The key element to maintaining healthy and vibrant lawns and landscapes is water. You need the right amount of water to ensure your lawns and plant life thrives.

The installation of an irrigation system for your property will ensure that it gets the right amount of water. Over watering your lawns, gardens and landscapes can cause irreversible damage. Southern Landscape Designs has the experienced team of contractors that will assess your site and recommend the right type of irrigation systems to keep your landscapes looking great.

Types of Irrigation Systems

There are different types of systems that are more suitable for smaller residential sites and ones for larger commercial sites. At Southern Landscape Designs we have all the knowledge that is required to get the right system installed for your particular landscape needs. So let us take all the guess work and research out of the equation for you and leave it to us!

There several types of irrigation systems on the market nowadays including the following:

  • Impact sprinklers
  • Underground systems
  • Above ground systems
  • Drip sprinklers
  • Rotor Systems
  • Spray Systems
  • Oscillating systems

Irrigation System Benefits

There are so many benefits to installing an irrigation system. Here are a few:

  • Gives your landscapes the right amount of water
  • Water costs go down
  • Water consumption is reduced
  • Low maintenance
  • No overwatering
  • Systems can be set on automatic timers
  • Lawns, gardens and plants always look healthy and green

The team at Southern Landscape Designs will guide you from the start to finish of your irrigation system install. Our staff has all the knowledge and experience to ensure that you get an irrigation system that will solve all of your landscape issues and allow you to just sit back and enjoy your beautiful and healthy looking property.

Gone are the days when you had to spend hours in the yard watering all of your plants and lawns to keep them healthy. Now it can all be done for you with an irrigation system. If you want gorgeous landscapes; let the team at Southern Landscape Designs take care of all your irrigation needs. No job is too small or too large for our company!

Drainage & Tree Removal

Our team of professionals on staff includes a Horticulturist, a Licensed Landscape Architect, and Arborist.

We also have a GSWCC Level II Planner Certified (Georgia Soil & Water Conservation Commission Level II Planner Certified).

Pics below display installation of a Flow Well, required by the City of Dunwoody 2010. We also install larger dry wells, with aggregate.

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