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Design Pricing

In an effort to help you as a buyer, we have provided a a quick overview of our pricing structure for designs. If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Landscape Architecture Fees

Design Fee Schedule: PER HOUR
Landscape Design $75
Hardscape Design& Renderings $75
Pool Designs $75
Irrigation Design Commercial& Residential $75
Tree Protection and Permitting $75
Recreational / Amenity Design $85
Construction Documents $95
Cost Analysis and Estimating $75
On Site Construction Supervision $50
Site Construction Plans $75
Grading and Drainage Plans $75
Stormwater Management Systems $75
Erosion Control Design and NPDES Plans $75
Rainwater Harvesting Systems $75
Permeable Paver Parking Lots (Hydro Calcs) $75
Site Permitting $65
Cost Analysis and Estimating $75
Soil Perk Tests $350 PER TEST

"Landscape Architect, Arborist & Horticulturist on staff."

Residential Division

On site, scaled drawings, on graph paper w/ a 1 hour Consultation $100
Off site, hand drawn,& rendered, (colored drawings) to scale, start; $500
Residential Plans drafted in AutoCAD start at $750 dollars. $750

Commercial Division

Hand Drafted Plans, inked without Rendering Start: $1,000
Plans drafted in AutoCAD start: $1,500
Plans drafted in AutoCAD with Rendering, (Color) Start: $2,000

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